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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I signed up but I haven't received my login name and password.
A: You need to check your email account spam and filter settings to ensure that you receive mail from potheadsingles.com.

Q: I try to login and it says: Member not found. Sorry, that is an invalid Login Name or Password.
A: Click on Forgot My Password, to have your Login Name and Password resent. Make sure you enter your Login Name and Password correctly. (Your Login Name is the email address you used to join with.)

Q: My country, province/state, or city isn't in your lists.
A: Choose one that is the closest to where you live for now, then send us an email with your locations details and we will add it to our lists. Once we have added your location to our lists, then you can login and change your details to the correct location.

Q: Why can't I see all of the page on my screen?
A: Screen resolution should be set to 1024 x 768 to view the site properly, or, if you prefer 800 x 600 minimal; press F11 key to toggle on or off full screen mode.

Q: How much does it cost to join PotheadSingles?
A: Nothing, all services are free: Joining, instant messaging, and email are all free.

Q: How do I contact someone?
A: Create a profile and then search. Use any and all search options. Each search option will be locked in until you change it. In search results click on the profile name to zoom into the profile. Then click on "Send E-Mail" to message member. If the member's on-line indicator Member online now. Click for private chat. is showing, click icon to start a private instant messaging session.

Q: If I send email will the receiver have my email address?
A: No! Email is anonymous and remains private with PotheadSingles. It is your option to reveal it. Choose to use PotheadSingles to converse until you feel comfortable revealing your personal email address to another. Why not! It's free.

Q: How does the chat work? Sometimes when I log on messages pop up and I answer them and don't get a reply.
A: The sender had to click your online indicator to open a chat session with you. You may have logged off before you received the messages or perhaps x'ed off and your online indicator was showing. If the member is online he/she may have run out of time and not bothered to log more in order to answer. You can always reply to received messages, but if you originate messages and receive the replies next time you log on, you can't reply.

Q: My photo won't upload because it's too big. Is there a way I can otherwise get my photo posted?
A: Yes! For ANY problems with your photo, go to 'Contact' on your members menu to the left and click 'Online Contact'.

Q: I have a photo but no way to put it on my computer. What should I do?
A: You can mail your picture to PotheadSingles through the mailing address on the contact page. We will post your photo for you. Be sure to include your profile member login email address. We do not return photos.

Q: When I login, the site doesn't work.
A: System Requirements: Internet Explorer 6.x with 128 bit SSL encryption, 1024x768 screen resolution and Javascript and Frames/IFrames must be enabled. Security setting should set to Medium.

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