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NORML - a national organization committed to eliminating all civil and criminal penalties for private marijuana use
Marijuana Party of Canada
The United States Marijuana Party - is a motivated group of Americans who are tired of living in fear of their government because of marijuana prohibition.
BC Marijuana Party - Overgrowing the government
Discussion board dedicated to helping users grow and cultivate marijuana
The Media Awareness Project
eNDProhibition, the anti-prohibition wing of Canada's New Democratic Party
The Science of Medical Marijuana
Provides you the information on how to apply to possess, use, grow and sell marihuana in compliance with Health Canada's guidelines
A non-profit organization founded in 1993 by several of Canada's leading specialists in drug policy.
NDP Party of Canada
Cannabis Culture and other media
Cannabis Health
DPA Network is the nation's leading organization working to end the war on drugs.
Documenting the complex relationship between humans & psychoactives
Everything Marijuana
For The Mature Hippie in Todays World
Baby Boomer Rock and Roll "Hectic and crazy and heaps of laughs and sometimes serious"
Cannabis is a popular drug that is obtained from Indian Hemp Plants like Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. The common names given to the drug are grass, pot, hash, weed, mull, ganja, cones, smoke and hooch.
SmokePipeShops provides free list of shops providing Glass Pipes, Bubblers, Animal Pipes, Water Pipes, Bowls and Stems, Chillums, Metal Pipes, Hookahs, Vaporizers. You can search shop by US State, Zip, Shop Name or City.

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